Bakhyt Arslan

Strategy and financial advisory services

Greetings from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I specialize in regional M&A and fundraising in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to assist business owners, investors, and managers in various funding, acquisition, and company restructuring deals in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, the United States, Europe, and Africa, gaining experience in strategic consulting of clients in the context of company transactions.

Every acquisition or financing, regardless of its size, is often a turning point for its participants. Many business owners and companies are caught off-guard or lack sufficient internal resources to successfully execute a transaction. Selling or acquiring a business requires deal participants to mobilize internally, maintain a high level of process organization, and be ready to make decisions based on incomplete information within tight deadlines. These factors often go beyond the comfort zone of all participants and complicate or slow down the process.

I view each project as an opportunity to equip business owners and investors with the best possible intelligence and taylored strategies to face a demanding transaction process. I also strive to provide them with solid foundation for deal-related decision-making and protect their interests in the negotiation process and execution.

Since 2017, I have been actively exploring the possibilities of combining data science and statistical tools with traditional methods of financial analysis. Such interdisciplinary approach allows to identify problematic areas faster and propose optimal solutions for clients focused on improving managerial decisions, especially in post-acquisition or restructuring settings. 

If you are on the verge of a business acquisition in Central Asia, a new international or domestic funding milestone or at a pivotal moment in the development of your business, I would be delighted to meet and discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

I have also developed an avid interest in web3 and digital marketing and would love to connect with fellow explorers in these areas.